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New Farm Together DLC allows you to farm as a pirate and a Roman

I have said before on this website how Farm Together has been one the nicest surprises this year. I only offered to review the game as I thought my little boy may enjoy it. However, what actually happened was that my son could get nowhere near it for several weeks because I got totally hooked by the charm, strategy, and gameplay of this lovely little game. Even now, months after release, it’s never that long until the game is played by someone in our house. Well, if Farm Together has its hooks into you as much as our family then you’ll be interested to know that there is some new DLC coming out for this indie gem.

The latest content being added to the game are the Sugarcane Pack and Laurel Pack. These add new costumes for your farmers. The Sugarcane Pack adds some cosmetic items for you to be able to resemble a pirate. It also includes a new building (the grog distillery), some new farm decorations, and a new home to build (the pirate hideout). The Laurel Pack allows you to farm dressed as a Roman. It provides a couple of different outfits as well as a new hat that looks like a Centurian’s helmet. The Laurel Pack also adds a new crop (chives) as well as a new house that resembles a roman villa.

Both of these packs are available to buy now on the Microsoft Store.



Steve Clist
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