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New grand prix season coming to Crash Team Racing

Crash Team Racing

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled released last summer and has shown a different approach to remasters. This beloved kart racer has been built upon by developer Beenox, and the latest content drop is the Rustland Grand Prix. Here, we’ll see a new track along with a fresh playable character and a selection of karts.

The season launches January 16 and runs through February 16. The new content is based on a post-apocalyptic theme, with desert landscapes and cobbled-together structures aplenty. Returning character Mega-mix from the Gameboy advance spin-offs is the new character, providing more fan service for Crash Bandicoot enthusiasts.

Crash Team Racing

Crash has seen quite the resurgence since 2017’s N. Sane Trilogy. Those remasters then launched on Xbox a year later, before Crash Team Racing returned last year with Nitro-fueled. The comeback was capped off when Crash Team Racing won best racing game at last year’s Game Awards. With this update, Crash himself is showing off the new Game Awards trophy on the game’s main menu screen.

The new trailer, shown below, gives us a glimpse at the new track that forms the basis of the Rustland Grand Prix. It’s called Mega-mix Mania; a post apocalyptic outpost. The pit stop will also see some new customisation options added with this update.


Are you still playing CTR Nitro-fueled?

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