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Ninja moves to Mixer, first livestream at the Lollapalooza festival!

Yesterday, August 1, popular streamer Ninja announced his arrival to Microsoft’s streaming service; Mixer. This was a huge change for the streamer, as he built a massive fanbase through the Twitch platform. He will now stream exclusively on Mixer for the foreseeable future. Rumours are swirling about the amount of money it cost Microsoft to coax Ninja over, but it will certainly bring in lots of new viewers for the company.

Ninja’s first Mixer streams take place at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago, August 2-4. Fortnite will of course take centre stage, as the streamer invites guests on for multiplayer games. Red Bull will be sponsoring the event, which will take place at the Red Bull Outpost. Ninja is from the Chicago area, and has been a regular fixture at the festival since his rise to fame.

Ninja Lolla

Mixer is also giving out free subscriptions to the streamer as a limited-time offer. This will drive fan engagement with the service, and hopefully bring people over from Twitch. Whether this has a positive effect on other Mixer channels remains to be seen, but thousands of users seeing fresh Mixer content will surely entice people to further utilise the platform.

The initial announcement has certainly had a positive effect. The Mixer app is now the most popular free app on Apple’s app store, in the U.S at least. On browsing here in the U.K, that prize still goes to the “Celebrity Voice Changer” soundboard, for some reason…

Mixer app store

If you view Ninja’s content, on either Twitch or YouTube, will you now use Mixer?  Sound off in the comments on whether Ninja’s move is a good one for streaming.


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