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Our Xbox Gamescom predictions


Gamescom 2019 is inbound, with the Inside Xbox and Opening Night Live streams both taking place on Monday, August 19. Following that, the show will be open to members of the public to get hands on with upcoming games. Here at Xbox Enthusiast, we’re focusing on what’s to come from Microsoft’s Inside Xbox stream. We know the rough plan, but let’s break down the teasers and think about what might be coming from Microsoft’s big show.

Blair Witch Launch

We know Blair Witch will have a big presence at the show, as it releases this month! Since its E3 announcement, Microsoft and Bloober Team have trickled out a variety of trailers. For Gamescom, I’m expecting a full blown launch trailer showing extended gameplay cuts. Possibly even new playable areas and hopefully a tease about the things we’ll really face in the Blair Witch woods. This one is close, so I’m expecting quite a focus on it from Xbox.

Bleeding Edge Beta?

Following the surprise E3 reveal, things have gone a little dark on Bleeding Edge. The upcoming multiplayer shooter from Ninja Theory looks promising, but will likely need some public testing pre-release. The closed Alpha took place in June, and I’m expecting a public beta to be announced at Gamescom. Later this year will likely be the target, as this title has been in the works for some time according to the developers. It’s been a while since Overwatch launched, so I’m excited to see another big budget hero shooter hit the market.



We keep seeing glimpses of the Battletoads. From Phil Spencer’s shirt to artwork and short teasers, we know the game is coming. Little has been revealed beyond that, so a proper in-depth gameplay video should be forthcoming. The reaction to the game so far has been somewhat mixed, and I feel like it’s time for Microsoft to play this card and fully reveal it. Journalists have been hands on with the title at E3 and behind closed doors, and those impressions tended to fair a little better. A stealth Game Pass release could also work for this title. So keep an eye on the Game Pass announcements for a possible surprise…


Ghost Recon Breakpoint-Royale?

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is coming in October, and appears to follow the same blueprint that 2017’s Wildlands used. A co-op, open world shooter, Wildlands was a relatively standard affair when it came to multiplayer. Co-op was in from the start, along with a competitive mode which was introduced after launch. I’d expect to see co-op return, but the emphasis on a “multiplayer reveal” at Gamescom got me thinking. Could a battle royale mode be coming to Ghost Recon?

The huge segmented map in Wildlands would be perfectly suited to multiple battle royale arenas, and Breakpoint could follow that mould. The genre is hugely popular within itself, and as a mode for a huge open world shooter, it would provide an excellent value proposition for fans. If it wants to take some of Apex Legends’ cake, it could even integrate Rainbow Six-like classes to the mode. After all, Wildlands did have crossover DLC with both Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six: Siege.

A new special Elite controller

As the Gears 5 hype train has rolled on this month, we got a slew of hardware announcements. Consoles, controllers and even hard drives are coming, as Microsoft gear up for their biggest exclusive this year. Back in 2016, Gears of War 4 had a special edition elite controller, embedded with plenty of crimson omens in the classic red colour. Since then, we’ve had no more game-themed elite controllers, so could Gears 5 be the next? The elite controller v2 is coming later this year, so a Gears 5 edition before Christmas isn’t out of the question. Xbox has said that new accessories will be shown at Gamescom 2019, so what better way to combine your biggest hardware and software launches of the year?

A bold prediction

Leading up to this year’s E3 show, rumours swirled about the next generation for Microsoft. Sony had already spoken briefly about the next PlayStation, and it was Microsoft’s turn. We got a glimpse of Project Scarlett, which looks to build on the groundwork laid down by the Xbox One X. A powerful machine that can deliver 4k at 60fps consistently, along with hugely increased CPU power.

However, one rumour that was spread around was never officially addressed. A supposed second machine was in development, called Project Lockheart. Similar to an Apple TV or Chromecast, this box was rumoured to be a less powerful, streaming-based solution for those looking for a cheaper outlay. This system was not even hinted at during E3, but rumours did circulate about its cancellation. Maybe it was because Microsoft didn’t want to take the focus away from Scarlett? There aren’t too many more events before we’ll be getting into the nitty-gritty of next gen though, so if the Lockheart exists then Gamescom could be the place to show it.

What do you expect from Microsoft at Gamescom 2019?

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