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Overwatch developer diary details new hero Sigma

Yesterday we brought you the news that there is a new hero coming to Overwatch and his name is Sigma. Well, thanks to a new developer diary we now know a lot more details about this new character. The video features Jeff Kaplan (Lead Designer and Game Director of Overwatch) talking us through Sigma’s abilities.

– Sigma is a barrier tank, meaning he can soak up a lot of damage and can deploy a shield.

– His main attack are hyperspheres. A two round burst of a short distance projectile that will bounce of a surface at least once. They do proximty damage and have a slight gravitational pull to them.

– Sigma’s primary ability is his defensive ability called Kinetic Grasp. This catches all the incoming damage and converts it into protective shields for himself. It can earn up to 400 shields for himself.

– His offensive utlity ability is called Accretion. He forms a rock out of nothiung and thrusts it at an enemy. It causes massive damage and knocks that enemy down. It’s telegraphed so you can get out of the way and can only target a single enemy.

– His ultimate ability is Gavitic flux. This targets a large area on the ground. Everyone in this radius will be propelled in the air. Suspended in mid-air your opponents are prone to your team’s shots. At the end of the ability, everyone falls to the ground and takes damage up to half max health.

You can check out the full video below –


Sigma is available now in the PC Public Test Region and coming to consoles very soon.

Steve Clist
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