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Payday 2: Silk Road DLC launches November 7

Payday 2 is getting its first DLC release in over a year. The DLC is split into chunks, with some being free and some being paid options. The paid options can also be bought in a larger bundle. The free content includes six outfits, whilst the paid packs add more outfits along with weapon mods and a new heist.

The additional outfit pack costs $2.99, consisting of four outfits and five colours for each style. 10 new weapon mods also cost $2.99, whilst the heist itself is $6.99. The Border Crossing Bundle consists of all three packs for $9.99. This is despite the developer once stating that all future Payday 2 DLC would be free.


The developer, Starbreeze, had previously ended development on Payday 2 but have since ran into financial trouble. The issues were compounded with the poorly received Overkill’s The Walking Dead, which sits at just over 50% on Metacritic. This game, along with various other cancelled projects have forced the team to go back to what made them successful; Payday 2.

Payday 3 is also in development, but is a ways off. Starbreeze’s prediction is a 2022-2023 release, pinning it at the very beginning of the development process. In the meantime, it seems they will be releasing even more DLC for Payday 2. The Silk Road DLC will launch November 7 on Steam, with no console release date announced just yet.


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