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Prey soundtrack now available for purchase or streaming

We’re now only a few days away from the release of Prey and to get you in the mood why not check out the official soundtrack for the game which has just been made available for purchase and streaming. The majority of the music for the upcoming game are from Mick Gordon, who supplied the award-winning soundtrack to Doom, with other contributions from Matt Piersall, Raphael Colantonio, and Ben Crossbones. Here’s the full tracklist and a sample of what you can expect –

  • “The Experiment” by Mick Gordon
  • “Everything Is Going to Be Okay” by Mick Gordon
  • “Typhon Voices” by Mick Gordon
  • “The Phantoms” by Mick Gordon
  • “Into the Tunnels” by Matt Piersall
  • “Human Elements” by Mick Gordon
  • “The Truth Will Set You Free” by Mick Gordon
  • “No Gravity” by Mick Gordon
  • “Alex Theme” by Mick Gordon
  • “December and January” by Mick Gordon
  • “Neuromods” by Mick Gordon
  • “Stranded” by Ben Crossbones
  • “Semi Sacred Geometry” by Raphael Colantonio and Matt Piersall
  • “Mind Game” by Raphael Colantonio, Production and Electronics by Matt Piersall

Prey will launch on 5th May

Does Sony have all the exclusives?

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