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Project Resistance introduces its characters

A few days ago, Capcom finally gave the official confirmation about their latest Resident Evil project. Project Resistance is a multiplayer game along the lines of Left 4 Dead. Like Valve’s modern classic, the game features 4 playable characters. Well, thanks to the official Resident Evil Twitter account we now know who these characters are and the basic background of each. You can check out the Tweets below –

All of these look pretty good. There’s nothing here that particularly shocks us. It’s pretty standard to have a mix of ethnicities, genders, and backgrounds. If anything, the most surprising thing is that there isn’t an older, grizzled character. Their specialities seem to pretty generic as well. There’s a tank, healer, melee fighter, and a tech specialist. I mean, if you were to brainstorm what the characters were going to be, you probably would have guessed most of this. Let’s just hope that when the game launches that the gameplay elevates it above the generic. After all, Resident Evil doesn’t exactly have a good history when it comes to multiplayer titles.

If you haven’t heard anything else about Project Resistance, here is the official trailer for the game –

Are you excited for Project Resistance? Is this a Resident Evil experience that you want? Share your thoughts in the comments section below

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