Xbox Series X is Project Scarlett’s Real Name

Xbox Series X

Geoff Keighley promised surprises at the Game Awards and he came through. We now know that Project Scarlett’s real name is the Xbox Series X. Phil Spencer came out on stage and talked a little bit about how the Series X will be Microsoft’s most powerful console yet. It is still set to come out next holiday season with no release date set. Check out the reveal trailer below.

The Xbox Series X has an interesting design to it, standing more vertical than any console prior to it. It appears that the controller is very similar to the Xbox One controller. Aside from an extra button in the middle of the face, it looks the same. Potentially, it could be a share button? We did not get any confirmation on if this is the only model coming, or if the smaller, disc-less version (codenamed Lockheart) is real. It was a very short presentation added in for shock value.

Alongside the console announcement, we also received a reveal trailer for Hellblade II: Senua’s Saga. Check out the trailer and news for that HERE.

As for the Xbox Series X, again Microsoft have given their console a terrible name, but the box itself looks beefy. More like a PC than a console to be honest. There are still too many questions and not enough answers about the console, but it is nice to finally get a name and see what the console and controller look like. Be sure to keep your eye out to Xbox Enthusiast for future Xbox Series X news!

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