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Project xCloud streaming tech revealed in new video

A lot of gamers now know about Project xCloud thanks to the various showings it has had at big Xbox events. Microsoft’s streaming program has promised a lot. Yet, very few people have actually tried it out and even fewer have tried it out of the confines of a safe Xbox space at a trade show. They clearly have confidence in the system, though, and recently gave an interview with Fortune Magazine about the technology and what the future of streaming is. A video has been released of some of the more salient points of the interview which you can check out below –

First up in the video is Kareem Choudhry, corporate vice president of cloud gaming at Microsoft. He actually goes on to show the hardware that they are deploying in data centres around the world. The blades/servers that they are using actually contain the guts of 8 Xbox One S consoles. Next up is Phil Spencer. He gives some interesting quotes about streaming and Project xCloud –

Streaming is not a solution for everybody to play tomorrow. We build xCloud for the next decade. I think about it that way. First expanding the capabilities of our existing customers but in the long run, this is about reaching more of the planet who wants to play those great games that our partners build.

In order for streaming to work in the long run, it has to support the diversity of business models that we see in gaming

It certainly seems that Microsoft is investing heavily in Project xCloud and sees it as the future. We guess that only time will tell but you’d be foolish to bet against them. It’s good to hear that at the moment they are very focussed on this being something that runs alongside console hardware. However, if this technology takes off and the infrastructure is put in place to give everyone fast enough connections, they will certainly be in place to take advantage of it.



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