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Rainbow Six Siege masterminds a Money Heist event

From the amount of content and events coming to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, you’d never guess that the game launched four years ago. For a game that was met with mixed reactions when it launched, it really has gone from strength to strength. A lot of this is down to the fact that the biggest issue it had at launch was a lack of content. Ubisoft has certainly rectified this with there now being over 50 operators available in the game and tons of levels to play. Alongside all this extra content they have also brought a steady stream of special events. We’ve seen Halloween events, Western themes, and Outbreak mode which is being spun out into its own standalone game.

The latest event for Rainbow Six Siege is a tie-in with the Money Heist (aka Casa De Papel) TV show. This Spanish series is known to most around the world thanks to Netflix. The event will run from today until 25th November. It is essentially a classic Hostage match but is set in a bank and features the iconic masks and red jumpsuits that the series has become known for.

You can check out a trailer for the event along with the official description below –

The Money Heist event is a classic Hostage match, where Attackers and Defenders must fight over a Hostage dressed in the series’ iconic mask and red jumpsuit. Hibana and Vigil are also equipped with the same look, should you pick them to play with.

A full set of four items for both Hibana and Vigil will become available for purchase in the shop during the event and will be there for approximately a year.

Hibana’s Heist Bundle contains the Red Jumpsuit uniform, Emboldened headgear, Tokyo charm and Regal Mint weapon skin for the TYPE-89.

Vigil’s Accomplice Bundle includes the Red Jumpsuit uniform, Nameless headgear, The Surrealist charm and Fresh Paper weapon skin for the K1A.

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