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Rockstar’s Bully 2 was reportedly playable almost 10 years ago

Developer Rockstar has plenty of IP to draw from, but has stuck to GTA and Red Dead Redemption for some time now. Their games have become such sprawling open worlds that returning to older franchises isn’t a simple task. However, at one point, a sequel to the cult classic Bully was apparently in development.

According to a report by VideoGamesChronicle, a fully playable vertical slice was developed by Rockstar New England over an 18 month period. This happened as far back as 2010, in-between the release of Red Dead Redemption and GTA V.



Bully 2 was running on the same RAGE engine that Rockstar was using on its other titles, according to VGC’s source. Although a very small slice, the game had a simple open world. This falls in line with the first Bully, which while popular, wasn’t as open as other big Rockstar games.

Speculation has been whirling around Bully 2 for some time now, but no concrete plans have ever been announced. While it would be neat to see something different from Rockstar, they seem pretty focused on Red Dead and GTA for now. Having said that, the recent ports and VR spin-offs of L.A Noire suggest that the team are still looking at their other IP.

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