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Season of Opulence: A Filthy Casual’s Guide

I love Destiny. I love the vibrant world. I love the sleek aesthetic. I love the communicative, friendly community. Only Destiny could get me to cry about a robot. Twice. I’m not my guild’s most accomplished guardian. Heck, I’m not even the most accomplished guardian in the main storyline. However, after Bungie’s Destiny: Shadowkeep trailer at this year’s E3 conference, I was feeling pretty keen to jump on the deals they’d no doubt be offering to garner new players. I opted to purchase the digital deluxe Forsaken deal that not only gave me a level 30 bump but an annual pass to participate in the Season of Opulence.

Season of “What now?

I soon learned the level boost could not be applied to my main character. Not, unless, I wanted to then skip past the rest of the main story content. Mildly irritated for not realizing this ahead of time, I decided to create a new character and apply it there. I already had a hunter (basic, I know) so this would be a great opportunity to try out the under-utilized warlock class. I knew there’d be a learning curve, but my excitement renewed at the new challenge.

Cue next challenge: figuring out how in the world to participate in the Season of Opulence. Apparently, one does not simply walk into the Season of Opulence. This is important for newbies: if you’re hoping to just jump right in, guess again. Prepare to jump through several hoops. Luckily, Reddit’s Destiny 2 community proved far more helpful than the twelve tabs I had open.

Allow me to provide for you an idiot’s guide to the Season of Opulence, as pieced together by a fellow filthy casual.

13 Steps to Opulence

  1. Purchase an annual pass.
  2. If applicable, decide whether to apply level 30 boost to your current character, or start afresh.
  3. Go to the Tower. (If you’re used to meeting Hazel at the Farm, it’s in the same area as the Director.)
  4. Visit Tess at the Eververse to pick up your new gear.
  5. Visit the Cryptarch to decrypt your new engrams.
  6. Finish the Forsaken DLC.
    1. All of it.
    2. Unlock the Dreaming City.
  7. Take a walk to reestablish some circulation in your limbs and consider whether you will ever learn to love again.
  8. Now go do Curse of Osiris and Warmind. (For the exotic weapon drops.)
  9. Equip weapons that inflict solar, arc, and/or void damage.
  10. Complete the Leviathan Raid. [Note: You’re going to have to get over it if you’re not a social player. This is going to take a lot of communication with your fireteam. Join a supportive guild if you can. I had some trouble because of server traffic the week the season began, but lag diminished significantly after that.]
  11. Find Benedict 99-40 at the Annex in the Tower.
  12. Trade in the tokens you earned from Emperor Calus after you clear each section in the Leviathan Raid.
  13. Receive the Invitation quest. From here, it should be easily self-guided.

Me too, buddy. Me too.


It took me a bit to fully grasp the concept of the Chalice of Opulence. It feels like the heart of the game has shifted from being a defender of light to hoarding new shinies. I miss the mythical feel the first Destiny was introduced with. The Season of Opulence appears to double down on the competitive aspects of the game, and I’m not the biggest fan.

There was also quite a bit of server lag which wore on my patience. Having to perpetually apologize to my fireteam for being behind was both embarrassing and irritating. It happened out of mission as well. While in the Tower Annex, I was fast traveling to the Bazaar and once there, my character disappeared. I had absolutely no control at all and had to watch another player like some spectral guardian. It took roughly eight different restarts before it stopped attaching me to other players.

Glitches aside, this season can be fun for experienced Guardians. If you’re already invested in the world of Destiny and ready to become more active in the online gameplay, this is worth it. Not only does it allow you to explore new areas of familiar maps, showing off the exclusive loot is a nice perk as well. On top of that, supporting your guild through successful missions is a great way to prove your allegiance. While participating, I managed to meet new players and bond well enough to find a more supportive and fun guild. If you’re not ready to put in a serious time commitment, let this one be and stick to the occasional public event.

Ashley is the Artist in Residence for the Institute of Theology, Imagination, and the Arts at the University of St. Andrews, where she is developing original material for the stage. In addition to writing for Xbox Enthusiast, Ashley is a cohost on The Min/Max Podcast, where they discuss all things nerd culture and theology.

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