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Speedy Sonic is back in new movie trailer

Ah, Sonic. The bright blue furry hedgehog has been around forever, or at least since the early days of Sega. Although his video game outings in later years haven’t always been top drawer, he’s still a crowd pleaser. That was, until his image was drastically altered for an upcoming movie.

However, following fan backlash and outcry for a redesign, the filmmakers did just that and went back to the drawing board. Now, we’re treated to the fruits of that labour with a brand new trailer. To be frank, the redesigned Sonic character model looks far far better than before.


That’s largely due to the regained likeness to his video game counterpart. Sonic no longer looks like the “gritty reboot” version of himself, and his appearances in the new trailer are very charming indeed. The whole model has been reworked, but its the new facial animation and emotions conveyed with them that make the changes really stand out.

The trailer gets straight to that point, as Sonic points out his “extremely handsome”nature. Beyond that, the clip focuses on the speed of Sonic and how he helps the people around him. It also heavily features Dr. Robotnik, played by Jim Carrey, and his pursuit of what makes Sonic so powerful.

The Sonic The Hedgehog movie releases next February.

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