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Square Enix’s Avengers will assemble at E3

Avengers Endgame is very likely to become the most successful movie of all time in the next week or so. It has managed that rare feat of being both critically and commercially successful. Well, if you are an Avengers fan then your year is just about to get a whole lot better. Square Enix has confirmed that their game based on the franchise will be revealed during their E3 press conference on 10th June at 6 pm PT. The announcement was made via the official Avengers Twitter account. You can check the Tweet out below –

We’ve known for a while that Square Enix was working on an Avengers game. We also knew that Crystal Dynamics was working with Eidos Montreal on it. That’s all we’ve known, though. “The Avenger’s Project” as it was known was originally announced in 2017 with this teaser trailer –

With this coming from the teams behind the Tomb Raider and Deus Ex franchises, we can probably assume that it is a third-person action-adventure. Also, with that pedigree behind the game, you can consider us very interested to see what they are cooking up. You can rest assured that we will be all over this announcement as part of our E3 coverage.


Steve Clist
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