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Stranded Sails – Explorers of the Cursed Islands: Food and cooking guide

Stranded Sails is a fun indie adventure game with survival elements from Lemonbomb Entertainment. We may have only given the game a 6.5/10 but some of that is down to the glitches and updates that the game requires. There is quite a bit of fun to be had with the game. If you’re playing Stranded Sails and enjoying it, then one of the things you’ll want to master is the food and cooking in the game. There are numerous recipes to learn, different fish and vegetables to find, and a stew to perfect. Well, if you’re struggling with any of these things, then we have you covered. Here’s our guide to the food and cooking in Stranded Sails – Explorers of the Cursed Islands.


There are 8 different vegetables and a further 8 different spices to farm. Vegetables you will find growing scattered over the map. Dig them up and you will gain seeds to plant back at your farm. You will also find some seeds in crates and chests also spread around the map. When it comes to spices, these are mainly found in crates and chests but you will also be given some by your crewmates for completing challenges. You can also earn some seeds as random drops during the arena battles at the top of the pyramid.

Some plants will continue to grow after you harvest them while others you will need to dig up to reclaim seeds and then plant them again. The plants that will continue to grow and allow you to harvest over and over again are corn, rice, tomatoes, eggplant, and pumpkins. The plants you will need to harvest, dig up, and plant new seeds are onions, carrots, and potatoes.


Once you gain access to a fishing rod, there are nine different fish or seafood to catch. These come as three sets of three. The first set is available on the island you wake up on and the island you camp on. The fish available here are clam, mackerel, bluefish. The next set of fish are available on the three islands to the South or West and from this point on you will want to use the upgraded rod that you acquire. These fish are crab, flounder, and white marlin. You will also be able to catch these from your base island once you build the pier. The final set of fish is available from the island in the North West of your map. The fish available here are lobster, sea bass, and red snapper.


The stew in your campsite is an essential part of your camp. Not only does it curry favour with your crew, earning you upgrades and gifts, you can also eat it to replenish your energy. As you rescue your crewmates, you will be able to add more ingredients to the stew. Each crew member has a favourite ingredient that like added to the stew. Find the correct ingredient and your stew will level up faster. So, which person likes what ingredient?

  • Charles – Bluefish
  • Sven – Potatoes
  • Fiola – Tomatoes
  • Logan – Carrots
  • Fritz – Mackerel
  • Teresa – Sea Bass
  • Cecile – Lobster
  • Brenda – Red Snapper


Cooking dishes is essential to boost your stamina so you can explore the islands. It’s not really possible to reach the North East island without eating a dish to regain your energy. There are 7 different levels of dishes providing different levels of stamina recovery. It’s also possible to earn buffs from some of the dishes. Once you have unlocked the necessary ingredients, recipes will become available. From here there’s a kind of mini-puzzle game to find which ingredients make up the new recipe.

If you want to save yourself some time and find out what is in each recipe, we have you covered. You will find below a list of every recipe along with the ingredients that make it up. Because the ingredients need to be placed in the right spot, we will list them in a clockwise manner. For instance, in a four-part recipe we will list the ingredient placed at the top, then the right, bottom, and finally the left. In a recipe with just two elements, we will list the ingredient on the right and then the left. So, here are all the recipes –

Level 2 Food

Tomato-Onion Soup – Onion, tomato
Roasted Corn and Onion – Corn, onion
Corn-Filled Tomato – Corn, tomato
Corn and Potato Mash – Corn, potato

Level 3 Food

Pumpkin Stew – Potato, pumpkin, carrot
Eggplant Pan – Rice, potato, eggplant
Pumpkin Corn Rice – Pumpkin, rice, corn
Carrot Eggplant Stew – Carrot, eggplant, tomato
Corn Rice and Carrots – Corn, carrot, rice
Pumpkin Soup – Eggplant, onion, pumpkin

Level 3 Buff Food

Sweet Pumpkin-Corn Rice – Pumpkin, rice, cane sugar, corn
Hearty Eggplant Pan – Rice, potato, fresh thyme, eggplant
Seasoned Pumpkin Stew – Potato, pumpkin, allspice powder, carrot
Aromatic Pumpkin Stew – Eggplant, onion, ginger root, pumpkin
Spicy Corn Rice and Carrots – Corn, carrot, black pepper, rice
Hot Carrot-Eggplant Stew – Carrot, eggplant, chili flakes, tomato

Level 4 Food

Clam Casserole – Potato, tomato, clam
Mackerel and Potatoes – Mackerel, potato, onion
Bluefish Soup – Tomato, bluefish, corn

Level 5 Food

Carrot Clams – Carrot, clam, onion
Baked Mackerel – Carrot, potato, mackerel
Stir-Fried Bluefish – Bluefish, eggplant, rice
Lover’s Stew – Carrot, corn, clam
Mackerel-Tomato Soup – Tomato, mackerel, eggplant
Bluefish Stew – Eggplant, pumpkin, bluefish

Level 5 Buff Food

Sweet Lover’s Stew – Carrot, corn, cane sugar, clam
Hearty Mackerel-Tomato Soup – Tomato, mackerel, fresh thyme, eggplant
Seasoned Bluefish Stew – Eggplant, pumpkin, allspice powder, bluefish
Aromatic Carrot-Clams – Carrot, clam, ginger root, onion
Spicy Baked Mackerel – Carrot, potato, black pepper, mackerel
Hot Stir-Fried Bluefish – Bluefish, eggplant, chili flakes, rice

Level 6 Food

Krabby Patties – Rice, pumpkin, crab
Roasted Flounder – Flounder, onion, potato
Braised Marlin Filet – Pumpkin, tomato, white marlin
Crab and Clam Stew – Clam, crab, eggplant
Flounder Salad – Tomato, carrot, flounder
Marlin Steak with Corn Rice – White marlin, rice, corn

Level 6 Buff Food

Sweet Krabby Patties – Rice, pumpkin, cane sugar, crab
Hearty Roasted Flounder – Flounder, onion, fresh thyme, potato
Seasoned Braised Marlin Filet – Pumpkin, tomato, allspice powder, white marlin
Aromatic Crab and Clam Stew – Clam, crab, ginger root, eggplant
Spicy Flounder Salad – Tomato, carrot, black pepper, flounder
Hot Marlin Steak with Corn Rice – White marlin, rice, chili flakes, corn

Level 7 Food

Lobster Tail Soup – Lobster, tomato, pumpkin, clam
Grilled Sea Bass – Mackerel, sea bass, eggplant, onion
Snapper Steak – Corn, onion, red snapper, rice
Lobster Cocktail – Carrot, crab, potato, lobster
Sea Bass Filet Plate – Pumpkin, flounder, sea bass, corn
Red Snapper on Rice – Rice, carrot, red snapper, tomato

Level 7 Buff Food

Farmhand’s Bisque – Rice, lobster, cane sugar, onion
Wanderer’s Ration – Eggplant, lobster, ginger root, potato
Farmer’s Favorite – Corn, cane sugar, ginger root, lobster
Angler’s Assortment – Pumpkin, sea bass, allspice powder, tomato
Skipper’s Skewer – Corn, sea bass, fresh thyme, carrot
Fisherman’s Favorite – Rice, allspice powder, fresh thyme, sea bass
Ironskin Stew – Potato, red snapper, black pepper, onion
Strong-arm platter – Eggplant, red snapper, chili flakes, carrot
Fighter’s Favorite – Pumpkin, black pepper, chili flakes, red snapper
Explorer’s Favorite – Tomato, lobster, red snapper, sea bass

Well, those are all the dishes currently available in the game. Obviously, you won’t get the name of the dish when you are trying to figure them out. However, you should be able to narrow down the dish pretty quickly from the first ingredients included in the recipe.

So, that’s our food and cooking guide for Stranded Sails – Explorers of the Cursed Islands. Is there anything else you would like to know about the game? And if you haven’t already checked it out, you can read our review of the game here.

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