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The Doktor’s Curse is coming to Rainbow Six Siege

In more spooky news, a Halloween themed event is coming to Rainbow Six Siege! The Doc has gone feral in this update, which brings a new 5v5 mode called Monster Hunt to the fray. The Theme Park map has also been reworked to look fittingly haunted for the Doktor’s Curse event.

Also joining the chaos on October 23 are a selection of cosmetics items. These will be attainable through the Doktor’s Curse packs, a loot box-style pack that only contains these themed items. Included are operator skins, weapon skins and weapon charms and they look pretty creepy. I mean, you can get a raw flesh weapon skin! You can gain these through special challenges or of course, buying them with premium currency.

The Doktor's Curse

The Monster Hunt mode looks like a cool twist on the Siege formula. As it’s PvP, the hunters will yield your standard affair of weaponry, but the monsters play differently. Monster classes won’t have a traditional weapon, instead, they must use traps and invisibility cloaks to escape the hunters.

The Doktor’s Curse event runs from October 23 through November 6 in Rainbow Six Siege. It follows a barrage of updates and content additions since the game launched in 2015. Will you be jumping into this haunted Theme Park?

The event trailer is below.

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