The Initiative plunders the God of War level designers

Despite buying up a load of studios recently, Microsoft has made big moves in the way it has set up its new studio, The Initiative. We still have no idea what they are working on other than it’s going to be a AAAA game. As much as we think the idea of a AAAA game smacks a little too much of hubris, they do seem to be backing it up with their staffing. So far, the team at The Initiative includes Tom Shepard (former Rockstar Games Technical Director), Brian Westergaard (Producer on God of War, Rise of the Tomb Raider), Drew Murray (Sunset Overdrive Game Director), and various team members from Crystal Dynamics. Well, you can now add Ian Miller, Kai Zheng, Chris O’Neill Ray Yeomans, and Kai Zheng to that list. While these names may not be familiar, they were the level designers on 2018’s God of War.

Even as devout Xbox Enthusiasts, we can’t deny that last year’s God of War was an excellent game. Bringing on board some of the talent behind that game is a smart move. With the God of War‘s producer, Brian Westergaard, already part of The Initiative these new members should feel at home pretty quickly. It also won’t hurt that the studio is only a few blocks away from where they used to work. Whatever it is they are working on, there’s certainly going to be a lot of expectation on it. Here’s hoping that they live up to that and deliver us something really special.

While they still have not announced what they’re working on or even what genre of game it is, they have released a video detailing the studio. If you’re a fan of corporate puff pieces that provide a lot of talking with virtually no information, then you may like to check out the video below –

Steve Clist
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