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The Surge 2 gets free DLC today

The JCPD Gear Pack has released today for The Surge 2, for free! Deck 13’s hardcore action RPG just keeps on surging, following a paid add on drop earlier this month. This free content focuses on gear customisation, with an armour set and four new implants.

The new armour set looks pretty slick indeed, adding to The Surge 2’s existing customisation options. Last month’s Public Enemy Weapon Pack dropped 13 new weapons into the world of The Surge 2. The weapon pack was a paid add on, costing $5 or included within the season pass.

The Surge 2

The extent of free DLC plans for The Surge 2 hasn’t been revealed, but more paid content is definitely planned. A narrative expansion is set to release early 2020. The Kraken expansion will feature a brand new location and storyline to complete.

The development team have released a brief synopsis on what the JCPD Gear Pack brings to the world of The Surge 2:

Jericho City scientists have cooked up new toys for players to hunt down and acquire, such as the JCPD Team Zola armor set, which is all about generating stamina to keep those combos going. Combine it with the Omni-Cell Battery Converter Implant which converts batteries into drone ammunition, and you can keep slaying without pause.



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