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Treyarch release Black Ops 4 zombies trailer named Alpha Omega

Treyarch has announced a new operation is launching on July 9 for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. This new season of content will come with the third zombies DLC map, following Dead of the Night and Ancient Evil. Those two maps followed the Chaos storyline, which was all new for Black Ops 4. Overall the Chaos storyline featured XI, Voyage of Despair and the two aforementioned DLC maps.

The new trailer, featured below, doesn’t show any new gameplay. However, it does show an animated cutscene containing fan-favourite characters and story hints. The original cast from the previous titles shows a return to the Aether storyline. Treyarch said that they had moved on from that storyline as it had gotten “incredibly complicated”. However, it seems that the lukewarm reaction to Black Ops 4 zombies has made them change their tune.

In the new trailer, we see returning characters Samantha, Dempsey, Takeo and Richtofen, along with Nikolai narrating the clip. The teaser also shows off enemies from a variety of other maps like Shadows of Evil and Revelations. The contents of the map and its story are very vague, but show a worn-out sounding Nikolai declaring a huge upcoming event. We’re wondering if we may see a huge crossover, as other characters from multiple previous maps are also present.

At this point, the Call of Duty Zombies story is somewhat convoluted. We’ve seen multiple timelines, sets of characters and world ideas come and go. Whenever a new cast of characters are introduced, they’re often quickly offloaded for the original four. Treyarch has stated that this will be the end of the Aether storyline, but whether that happens remains to be seen.

Black ops 4 zombies

The new map will release on July 9 on PS4, with other platforms to follow. Will you be playing and seeing out the Aether Storyline, or has zombies become a tad too complicated?

Watch the new trailer below:

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