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Two new maps and a mode coming to Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launched late last month (no, not the one from 2007), and launch sales have been pretty strong. The series has been in flux as of late, and Modern Warfare is trying to pave a new direction for the franchise. It’s not all rosy for CoD though, as players haven’t been too happy with the launch multiplayer maps on offer. Now, developer Infinity Ward is trying to fix that.

Modern Warfare’s multiplayer marks a new direction for the series, or rather a pivot back to CoD games of old. Gone are the vast array of three lane multiplayer maps, as preference for more complex map design has been utilised this time out. Whilst this approach offers more variety and realistic play spaces, some of the community aren’t best pleased with the changes.

Modern Warfare

To remedy this, Modern Warfare is kicking off its post launch plan with a few new maps and a mode. One of the upcoming maps, aptly named “Shoot House” is a traditional 6v6 CoD map. Infinity Ward will be hoping this new map will appease those looking for more close quarters battles. The name makes us think it could be similar to “Killhouse”, a tiny map from the Original Modern Warfare’s DLC pack.

These maps, along with returning objective mode Hardpoint, launch today, November 8. They will be free to all players and launch on all platforms at the same time, following changes to CoD‘s DLC model this year.


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