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What is going on with Anthem?

AnthemBioware‘s latest multiplayer game entry has been on the market since  February 22nd and has met with mixed reviews even one by XboxEnthuriast‘s own Steve Clist. The game has not been able to meet the high hopes Bioware had for it.  The game’s marginal success has led to massive speculation about the future of the game. 

Thursday’s tweet

These speculations were given a bit more credence on Thursday when high ranking development team members seemingly gave confirmation that they are no longer working on the project. Mark Darrah, previously the executive producer of Anthem, announced via Twitter the exciting news that suggests he’s now working on Dragon Age 4. 

Michael Gamble, formally a lead producer for Anthem, in his response seemingly confirms that they are no longer working on the day to day operations of the game. He also points out that Ben Irving and Chad Robertson are the new Anthem “dudes to follow”. 

Developers moving along from projects after launch is not a new phenomenon. The timing of this departure can be seen as suspect, though. Bioware, while publicly affirming support to the gameseems to be shuffling some of its major talents off to new projects. 

What’s next for Anthem

What this means only time will tell. But moving lead talent off of a project after only two months is not exactly confidence inspiring. We will have to wait and see what the future holds for Anthem.

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