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WWE 2K20 gets ‘T for Teen’ rating from ESRB

Being from the UK, I don’t have the same fervour for professional wrestling as some of my American colleagues. I do recognise how popular it is but despite a small interest when I was a young teenager, I’ve not really followed it. Anyway, I do understand that it is a sport/type of entertainment that is very popular. Well, if you are a fan of wrestling then you may well be interested in any information that is revealed for WWE 2K20. The new information we have for you today is that the ESRB has given its opinion on the game and given it a ‘T for Teen’ rating. It has been given this rating for ‘alcohol references, mild blood, mild language, suggestive themes, and violence’. You can check out the full break down below –

This is a wrestling game in which players select real-world competitors from the WWE roster, compete in matches, and progress through multiple storylines. Players can perform a variety of wrestling moves (e.g., throws, holds, grapples) as well as punch and kick opponents. Some matches allow players to use chairs, sledgehammers, and baseball bats to strike opponents. Blood sometimes appears on wrestlers’ faces, typically caused by object/weapon impacts, and certain other moves (e.g. mounted punches, knee drops). The game contains some suggestive material: female wrestlers wearing revealing outfits that expose deep cleavage; wrestlers depicted with jiggling breasts (no nudity); dialogue such as “[I]t’s actually more like a trick down my pants…Let me give you a sneak peek.” Some dialogue and wrestlers’ moves reference alcohol (e.g., “Tequila Sunrise”; “Harlem Hangover”; “Behold, the WWE Universe in all its beer-chugging, junk food-eating glory”; “I’d rather be in my private dressing room enjoying champagne.”). The words “a*s,” “b*tch,” and “p*ssed” appear in the game.

WWE 2K20 is scheduled to launch on 22nd October

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