X019: DRAKE HOLLOW announced by The Molasses Flood, LLC

New game Drake Hollow by the makers of The Flame in the Flood was announced at X019. The game featured a mysterious-looking raven leading a young woman to a portal. Upon entering, she encounters odd but adorable vegetal creatures called “Drakes.” (They look very much like Pikmin monkey radishes.) Very little is known about the game at present. According to @ID_Xbox, the setting for the game is in the world of “Hollow” which is a “blighted mirror of our world.”

Overall, it appears to be a cooperative game featuring building a settlement and fighting a mysterious evil. It’s rare a game maintains such a mysterious status; I still can’t search “Drake Hollow” on Google without it suggesting Zillow properties to me. The question that I want answered most is: what’s coming from the creepy church in the distance?

Drake Hollow will be released on Game Pass.

Ashley Mowers
Ashley is the Artist in Residence for the Institute of Theology, Imagination, and the Arts at the University of St. Andrews, where she is developing original material for the stage. In addition to writing for Xbox Enthusiast, Ashley is a cohost on The Min/Max Podcast, where they discuss all things nerd culture and theology.

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