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X019: What we really want Xbox to show


X019 is coming to London this week, and we’ve begun speculating on what might be shown. Yes, Xbox has given us a brief lowdown on what to expect, but surely they have some surprises up their sleeves. We certainly hope so anyway. Project Scarlett is right around the corner and even if we don’t hear much new about the system, it’s time to start showing Xbox games for 2020 and beyond.


Project Scarlett might be only a year away, but we’re not expecting a full blowout at X019. The Xbox One was fully revealed in May of 2013, and we’d expect a similar timeframe for next year. That would give us about a six month lead on release, plenty of time to drool over Halo Infinite and whatever other launch titles are announced. However, PlayStation has revealed a little more about Sony’s next console as of now, so X019 might not be completely devoid of Project Scarlett. Microsoft; we’ll take any new details we can, even if it’s just teraflop talk…

Even more studios?

Last year’s event provided us with even more studio acquisition news. Obsidian Entertainment was welcomed to the Xbox Games Studios family at X018. Now, a year on, their latest game has just released worldwide; The Outer Worlds. We feel it’s about time we heard some more studio news and X019 feels right for it. This is the type of announcement Xbox’s most engaged fans will be looking forward to, even if a game reveal doesn’t come along with it. If Obsidian’s trajectory is anything to go by, a new game could be well into development. That would put its release right around the time Project Scarlett will launch. Just a thought…

All the games

Xbox has already claimed that X019 will be about games, games, games and we want to see that claim backed up. Indies, mid-tiers, AAA’s, exclusives, game pass launches, the whole hog. If you can’t talk much about Project Scarlett, at least show off some of the stuff releasing on it. We already know about Halo Infinite and likely an upcoming Forza game, but some more left-field surprises would be neat. As Halo Infinite will be cross-generation, it’s going to be interesting to see if anything else will be. Most X019 games will likely be close to completion and we’d be surprised to see any proper Scarlett exclusives. A cross-gen title from a newly acquired studio would go down nicely.


A Game Pass extravaganza!

As with most Xbox events nowadays, new Game Pass announcements is one of the safest bets. Gamescom was big on this, with a huge new lineup announced at this year’s event. At X019 though, we’re hoping for a proper Game Pass Blowout. Alongside a slew of smaller additions, we’d like to see one or two recent AAA titles brought to the service. Resident Evil 2, The Division 2 or Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice would go down a real treat. Or maybe even all three eh Microsoft? On top of that, we’d love to see some game pass launches. Whilst Blair Witch didn’t blow us away, it was neat for a game to be announced In June and launched on Game Pass in August. Failing that, we always have Ori and the Will of the Wisps in February.

The gears need oiling

An update from the Coalition on Gears 5 wouldn’t go amiss. Whilst the game was a critical success at launch, this was largely due to its excellent campaign mode. However, Multiplayer is a little barebones and us Gearheads are eagerly anticipating the next content drop. The new operation is due soon, and anything on the plans for DLC would be big news for Gears 5. The Microtransaction model is also a bit of a mess right now, and fans would certainly appreciate a little clarity on it. Gears 5 has done well in moving the story forward, but the game’s other modes have a long way to go to match the series lofty heights.


A check in with The Chief

Look, we’ll take ANYTHING on Halo Infinite. Details have been so very scarce since announcement over a year ago. We know there’s a renewed focus on Master Chief but beyond that, not much. Infinite is looking like a reboot of sorts for Halo and any details on what shape that will take are welcome. X019 seems like an ideal place to potentially show off the Xbox One or PC versions of the game too. We know Halo in 2020 will focus on Project Scarlett, so if we’re going to see the current generation version in action, X019 is the place to do it. If hands-on Halo were to happen, the Copper Box Arena in London might need a new roof…

Positively British

If any other Xbox Games Studios want to show anything off, we say have at it! The rumoured Fable reboot from Playground Games has a decent chance of being announced soon. The British studio has been tipped at taking the reins of this Fabled franchise, and a UK announcement would be fitting. Rare is also based here in sunny England, and the team are confirmed to be attending. Believe it or not, it’s been over 18 months since Sea of Thieves launched, and it’s hard to believe Rare aren’t cooking up something new in Twycross. Sure, Playtonic has said that they won’t be working on a new Banjo Kazooie game, but that doesn’t mean Rare, the original developer, can’t…

That’s our list, but what do you want to see most from X019?

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