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Xbox drops a load of trailers for the weekend

Ah, the Xbox YouTube channel. It’s a great source of Xbox goodness. However, every Friday and Saturday there’s a flood of new videos. Whether it’s because they store them up all week or are just clearing the decks before the new week starts, I don’t know. What I do know is that it means we have a load of trailers to share with you nearly every weekend. Well, it’s the weekend and they’ve done it again. You would have thought that with the video blowouts during E3 there wouldn’t be any videos left to share. That’s not the case though, as this weekend, there’s a bumper crop. So, without further ado, here we go –

Deliver us the Moon

Communications with the Moon have ceased.
As Earth’s last astronaut it’s your mission to discover the truth on a do-or-die mission to the Moon, which after being colonized by the World Space Agency has fallen dark for unknown reasons. Explore the wreckage of the desolate space station to discover the truth while navigating anti-gravity environmental challenges and solving intricate puzzles utilizing only the tools left by the missing crew.
With oxygen running short and time running out; will you be left to float in the vast void of space while extinction wipes out humanity, or will you return to Earth and Deliver Us The Moon.


Portal Knights

Portal Knights… The Elves, Rogues, and Rifts DLC expansion is OUT NOW! Purchase the new premium DLC and play as the new rogue class, meet a new Elven race on Elysia’s moon, Faynore, and take on new challenges in the roguelite Rifts!

Free for all players is the new Questing Update! Take on new quests from the Mage Guild, track your quests in a new persistent Quest log, and create and test new creations in Creative Mode using placeable enemies and logic items!


Code Vein

Check out the all menacing “Successor of the Ribcage” enemy in this brand new CODE VEIN Trailer.
CODE VEIN is coming out for Xbox One September 27, 2019!


Ace Combat 7

Take the dogfights to the next level with the ADF-01 Falken Set, now available in ACE COMBAT 7: SKIES UNKNOWN’s Season Pass! This DLC pack includes the aircraft, new weapons and the Su-30M2 Sol skin.


Meow Motors

Meet the kitties, the main heroes of the new go-kart racing game!


The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout

A whimsical adventure game based on the bestselling Redwall books. Set in the winter shrouded wilderness between Lilygrove and Redwall Abbey, help Liam or Sophia race for help from the raiding rats under Scumsnout’s command.


Crackdown 3

With Crackdown 3 Flying High Campaign Update, you can soar above the city using the Agency Wingsuit, then deliver justice onto enemies below with new gadgets like the Elemental Forge, Hellstorm Flare, Peacekeeper Beacon, and Clusterduck Grenades. Time to up your game, Agents!


The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan

Just who is Conrad? – Shawn Ashmore talks about his role in Man of Medan with Part 1 of this exclusive interview.


The Crew 2

Join the celebrations for The Crew 2’s first anniversary!


Xbox Sessions – Battle of the Athletes

Calling all Fortnite fans and sports fanatics! NFL running back Marshawn Lynch and NBA point guard Lonzo Ball are on this episode of Xbox Sessions going head-to-head in Fortnite.
Each player will need to bring their A-game to find loot, build huge forts and battle to be the last one standing. Pick up some tips and tricks from the pros, learn how Lonzo’s win in Fortnite compares to his wins on the court and see if Chug Splash will help Marshawn in the battle as much as his “power pellets” do on the field.


The Surge 2

The Surge 2’s bigger, better weapons, levels, enemies, and much more explained in the new Dev Gameplay Walkthrough.

The Surge 2 is coming to Xbox One on September 24, but before you return to the sci-fi post-apocalypse with axe in hand, let developers Deck13 talk you through the world, dangers, and changes coming to The Surge 2.

Today’s Dev Gameplay Walkthrough is narrated by Adam Hetenyi, Head of Game Design at Deck13 Interactive. See the massive new levels, the return of uncompromising and brutal combat, now as intense as ever, as well as brand new features like asynchronous multiplayer and drones.


Supermarket Shriek

Supermarket Shriek is a unique (shopping) kart racer where our two heroes must navigate through various obstacle courses and challenges situated inside a range of shops, boutiques and supermarkets. Because, why not? Furthermore, movement is controlled by their wild incomprehensible screams. Propel your protagonists using a controller in single player or play Supermarket Shriek’s unique co-op mode with dual headsets for an experience like no other!



The Labyrinth for Roblox is now available on Xbox! Will you be able to overcome the labyrinth that awaits you and are you brave enough to face the dangers that you will find within?


Madden NFL 20

EA SPORTS Madden NFL 20 features an all-new X-Factor abilities progression system that makes today’s most exciting NFL Superstars feel like themselves when certain objectives are met in games. Combined with authentic personality & real player motion, the stars of the NFL truly come to life in Madden NFL 20. Take full control of player development with new ways to customize player abilities.



SolSeraph descends onto the Xbox One on July 10 for $14.99! SolSeraph puts you in the wing-tipped shoes of an almighty divinity who is tasked with rebuilding civilization while protecting the populace from the constant threat of mythical demons and monsters!


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Joint Editor-in-Chief at our sister site XboxEnthusiast, Steve also has a serious love for Nintendo. His first console was an N64 and it was love at first sight. He may specialise in racing games but will give anything a shot. He's also a serious guitar player and musician. Basically, Steve rocks. Need we say more?

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