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Xbox to take different approach to exclusives with Series X

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When a next generation console comes around, it usually releases with a selection of exclusive content. Sure, we typically see a bunch of third party games work across generations, but there’s still usually some titles only available for new hardware. This is especially the case with the platform holders themselves, who want to drive engagement with their new console. This time around though, Microsoft is taking a different approach with Series X.

In an interview with MCV, Microsoft’s Matt Booty has said that Xbox Games Studios’ titles “will play up and down that family of devices”. This refers to existing options on the market, like Xbox One S and One X. Booty likened it to the PC space, where games work across a wide range of hardware. We already know that Halo Infinite will launch across generations, and it seems that approach won’t stop there.

This begs the question, will supporting the older systems hurt the fidelity of Microsoft’s upcoming first party games? New hardware is typically a time to show off a leap in technology, but as generations come and go that leap has become less noticeable. Either way, Booty says that the team working on Halo Infinite “is definitely going to be doing things to take advantage of (Series X).”

Rumours of Sony’s approach with the PS5 are also now circulating. If they are indeed true, Sony will be taking a more traditional approach with new games for next gen. Whilst Microsoft’s way is more consumer friendly, it remains to be seen what that means in a head-to-head. We have seen the new chipset for Xbox Series X though, and it does look mighty impressive.

Do you think Xbox supporting older consoles is a good thing for the Series X?

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