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Xbox will be attending E3 2020


Yesterday, rumours began circulating that once again, Sony would be skipping this year’s E3. Of course, the creators of PlayStation were not present at last year’s show. It was the first time since PlayStation began that Sony didn’t hold a press conference. Now, the company has made a statement; they will indeed be skipping again in 2020.

That leaves the team at Xbox to take the reigns. Last year they did just that and provided a solid show for Xbox and PC fans alike. In response to the news about PlayStation, Phil Spencer took to twitter to announce that Microsoft will be there in 2020 with an Xbox press conference. Spencer went on to say that “2020 is a milestone year” for the Xbox team.

The news is surely a positive for Xbox fans, as we should get a huge show surrounding Xbox Series X in 2020. However, it does leave E3 in limbo somewhat. With Sony splitting and Nintendo no longer holding live press conferences, Microsoft is the last of the platform holders to showcase a traditional E3 press conference. Will they continue in years to come and essentially take over the show, or will Xbox eventually move on to their own thing? After all, X019 was a big step up over 18 and could provide an independent platform for Xbox in years to come.

Are you excited about E3 2020?

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